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MedSEO AKA jubilantWEB bases all Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work on the latest practices and procedures on par with the known industry standards. Black hat SEO, Google Bombs and unethical methods are not practiced.

MedSEO AKA jubilantWEB cannot guarantee any specific performance ratings, rankings (including Google PageRank), or listings on search engines, directories, or other due to the fact that search engines and directories are constantly changing their algorithms. The process can take from 3 weeks to a year (depending on the backlog of the directory) before showing any significant results.

The main goal of SEO is to increase targeted traffic to the customer’s web site over a period of time using the marketing strategies and plans agreed to by our deliverables at  http://www.medseo.com/medical-seo-deliverables. Please remember that SEO is a speculation based industry.

MedSEO AKA jubilantWEB reserves the right to refuse services to web sites that we view as inappropriate or anything that is deemed to be against the law(s) national and international.

Search engine results are controlled solely by each individual search engine and their complex algorithms. These complex algorithms evaluate pages on the web against keyword searches performed by users. It is impossible (and dishonest) for any business to guarantee high rankings for any web site or web page. Search engine optimization is only the process of applying techniques that may increase your chance of being ranked for specific keywords. “We” cannot not tell the search engine where to rank you. We strictly follow best possible practices with the potential to out-perform your competitors and put you as high as possible on the major search engines for your targeted keyword phrases.



MedSEO AKA jubilantWEB can legally and ethically make NO guarantee or promise, other than the fact that our work, process, past experience, and proven system can give your website the best chance to rank well on the Major Search Engine Results pages for specific keyword phrases we target.

Viewing or using www.MedSEO.com means that you express your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions set out on this page. The information published on these web pages stand no evident or implied warranties of any kind, and is subject to the disclaimers set hereinafter:

1) Warranties:

MedSEO disclaims any express or implied warranty in providing for public use any materials, information, graphics, products, or processes contained therein. This service is provided strictly on an “as is” basis. The user will assume all risks of verifying all materials and/or information used and/or relied on from these web pages. This web site makes no express or implied warranty nor assumes responsibility in the use of this service or its contents for its accuracy, completeness, currency, its use for any purpose, nor that such items or the use of such items would not violate or infringe the rights of others.

2) Accuracy and continuity:

MedSEO AKA jubilantWEB does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of any information published on web sites or web pages. This web site also makes no promise or warranty to maintain or update the published information. Suspension of this service may occur at any time at the discretion of the web site.

3) External links:

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MedSEO AKA jubilantWEB has made the content of its web pages available to the public, yet no one may copy or distribute the information contained therein without the expressed permission of www.MedSEO.com. MedSEO AKA jubilantWEB makes no expressed or implied warranty that materials contained therein are free of copyright claims or other restrictions or limitations of free use or display.

5) Neither this web site or its employees, nor agents shall be held liable for any damages that may arise from viewing, distribution, or copying of materials contained on this web site and its web pages.
Should you have any questions or concerns in regards to our notice of disclaimer of liability or any questions about our site, send an email to sales@MedSEO.com.