What is MedSEO

MedSEO is a medical and healthcare Search Engine Optimization platform that helps the medical website owners increase their search engine positioning (Google, Yahoo and Bing) by utilizing the latest technology and SEO Quality Guidelines. We implement Google webmaster tools & analytics, add quality links (local and medical), perform on-site analysis, perform submissions & generate SEO dependent files i.e. robots.txt and sitemaps. Additionally we distribute your business information to top online groups such as Acxiom and InfoGroup in order to increase visibility.


MedSEO Medical SEO Services Increases Your Internet Traffic


Medical search engine optimization

Search engines regularly change their indexing algorithms, directories change their listing criteria, consumer demographics and trends fluctuate, and as always, the competition is fierce. Before we execute our search engine optimization (SEO) services, we thoroughly review your medical specialty, identify and learn about your current major competitors, and match your goals with your resources and capabilities. We carefully analyze the current online landscape for your target market and develop a comprehensive strategy designed to help you create a sustainable competitive advantage and achieve a positive return on investment (ROI).